Case Study: E&P company improves compliance management with EZ Ops

Case Study: E&P company improves compliance management with EZ Ops®

What’s the impact of replacing paper-based compliance monitoring with EZ Ops operations software for compliance

For one mid-size E&P company, it resulted in less office time for operators, more consistent monitoring, increased visibility and faster, accurate reports for regulators. 

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The Challenge

An E&P company seeking to triple production as they grew through acquisitions needed a way to make strong compliance management a consistent standard across their whole operations frontline. 

The company wanted to do away with back-to-the-office trips for data entry collected on paper, and wanted more data visibility with fewer hours of data cleanup at reporting time.

The Solution

In 2020, the company replaced their paper-based compliance monitoring with EZ Ops software. First, the company customized the compliance setup and proved field teams could quickly gather the right data in the field. 

Next, the EZ Ops team provided operations leaders with visibility into compliance in real-time, with detection of missing data and alerts to the field team to stay current.

With digital compliance monitoring underway, more complete data was in place at month end making reporting less time-consuming and more accurate.

“Our different teams can consistently take the right steps for compliance monitoring right at the field frontline, without back-to-office drive time. And management sees what’s going on with compliance data visible in real-time and more accurate for reporting.” – Foreman

The Improvements 

Once EZ Ops was deployed, key advantages for operations included:

  1. Less office time for operators. EZ Ops has reduced operator administrative time by eliminating the return trip to the office to enter data tracked on paper and by eliminating the need to print off new paperwork to capture readings, inspections, pigs or batch data.
  1. Centralized, easy-access view of compliance activity. Operations leaders now have real-time access to compliance monitoring overview data to proactively look out for issues that cause downtime or lead to compliance infractions.
  1. Timely, accurate data collection. Automated scheduling alerts ensure compliance tasks don’t get overlooked in a day and EZ Ops provides clear direction on what information to track so field teams can consistently submit accurate data from across the company’s operations. 
  1. Accurate, faster compliance reporting. Compliance and operations managers no longer have to compile data from multiple fields or resolve issues of missing data at month end. Their job is simplified and when they pull month end compliance reports automatically, and the report is more accurate.

“There’s no question that our compliance data has gotten cleaner and cleaner even as we’ve grown through acquisitions. We couldn’t have done that without EZ Ops.” – Foreman

Year One Results

Within 12 months of using EZ Ops, here’s the snapshot of the compliance management software’s impact:

  • Hours saved in office and drive time for operators
  • Increased data visibility & simpler communication
  • Consistent, strong compliance across assets 
  • Audit-ready reporting

“Compared to our paper tracking and reporting struggles before, it’s night and day with EZ Ops. Guys know what to track, when, and management can see where we’re at any time.” Foreman

operators in charge of significant oil and gas assets

Get the full story on how the company achieved strong consistent compliance

Read the full case study now for details on how the E&P company achieved strong compliance across its field operations, gained visibility into compliance across assets and improved data accuracy and reporting. All by using EZ Ops compliance software.