Optimize transport logistics with best-in-class logistics technology

We provide a single source of truth, real-time logistics management platform which enables paperless operations, optimization of decision-making, and a complete workflow from work requesting to final payment. 3rd-party logistics services are also available.

Get more efficient transport logistics with EZ Ops

Equip logistics teams to manage vendors in real-time by digitizing your transport logistics activities, from order to invoice.

EZ Ops logistics management offers an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that connects oil and gas companies and service providers to optimize transport logistics and manage compliance. 

Efficient oil and gas companies use EZ Ops to gain full transparency into transport logistics to reduce costs and make regulatory compliance hassle-free. Carriers use EZ Ops to get paid faster with more accurate and faster invoice prep. 

Our logistics coordination services cover a wide range of operations, from ad-hocfreight to production hauls to D&C services and everything in between.

EZ Ops also provides field-based HSE management, Contracts management, and carrier bill payment services.

Core capabilities of EZ Ops transport logistics Services

Get complete real-time visibility into your truck ticketing and transport logistics with desktop and mobile applications developed for carriers, drivers and producers’ unique needs.

Powered by Drift Technologies’ fluid management optimization and algorithms and PAYLOAD, EZ Ops offers more efficient fluid management, transport capabilities and reporting than ever before.

Digital Truck Tickets

  • Digitize your field tickets to track the status of your products in real-time, from order to invoice.
  • Generate orders and assign to vendor. Attach documents such as SDS and Road Use Agreements. For DOW shipments, add AER details such as waste type. TDG coming soon. Vendors accept orders and assign a driver.
  • Track your product in real-time. Use the audit trail to confirm and review activity on each Order.
  • Generate digital AER forms & TDG when driver completes their pickup event. 
  • Easy trend analysis and reporting – Data is searchable, shows trends and is easily analyzed by operations and management and exported for reporting.
  • Field teams can work offline – data syncs once Internet connection is available.
  • No duplicate data entry – EZ Ops integrates with SCADA, PVR, and other systems so data only gets entered once, and stays accurate.

Digital Manifest

  • Safeguard regulatory compliance when transporting goods from origin through to destination.
  • Use pre-built digital regulatory forms such as AER Waste Manifest, BC Movement, TDG, Bill of Lading, Non-regulated / Non-Dow and Federal Movement DOC.
  • Reduce human data entry errors with built-in waste code, Consignor, Carrier, and Consignee details.
  • Get real-time visibility into volumes delivered to Consignees and waste manifests status at any stage in the process.
  • Get on-demand auditable reporting. Access the digital repository of all documents and their status at any time. Get a suite of reports designed to allow users at any level to keep tabs on operations and identify issues.

Optimized Trucking & Contractor Packages

  • Enhance cost-efficiency in trucking logistics and contracting by developing optimized packaging solutions. This approach prioritizes high-impact tasks and ensures comprehensive daily planning to maximize the utilization of travel times.
  • Utilize AI technology to ensure the most impactful packages are created that can be shared with your third-party contractors.
  • Packages have directions for contractors to ensure they know how to get to your locations.
  • Time estimates are created, and multiple contractor locations can be utilized to ensure packages have maximum impact.
  • Ensure when contractors and trucking come to the site, they are giving you the best costs and time utilization to save you money and time planning.
  • Works for consumption of chemicals such as methanol, hydrate inhibitor, scavenger, and corrosion inhibitor. Works for produced fluids such as wastewater and NGL.

Digitized Work Requesting

  • Refine how work is requested from the field to logistics managers.
  • Digitize order creation to simplify communication and ensure logistics managers have more time to create efficiencies instead of translating orders and fielding phone calls.
  • View trucks that are currently in transit. Review work that has been submitted, approved, and in transit.
  • Get real-time updates from your logistics manager without calling or texting them.
  • Easily get your field staff to review work that needs their approval to ensure payment is audited against the work that has been completed.
  • Reduce translation mistakes between field workers and logistics managers by utilizing images when requesting equipment.
  • Easily schedule more trucks against current outstanding orders to reduce communication.

3rd Party Logistics Services

  • EZ Ops employs an experienced team in the logistics management sector, specializing in oil and gas operations.
  • Work with the carriers to coordinate loads and combine services efficiently.
  • Utilize the  EZ Ops App to suggest the fastest routes and ensure compliance documentation is accurate.
  • Perform HSE audits, investigations, and analysis on carriers and field staff.
  • Establish carrier contracts and negotiate the best rates.
  • Assist in procuring materials or services.

Carrier Solutions

  • Streamline your order to invoice in a single trucking logistics system.
  • Gain real-time asset tracking and create transparency by digitizing field tickets.
  • Reduce paperwork and data entry. Automate the tracking of orders, field tickets, AER forms and BOLs.
  • Streamline driver-to-office communication. Let drivers focus on driving with easy digital BOLs and regulatory manifest tools.

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Digitize your logistics to safeguard compliance, create efficiencies, and save money.
Remain compliant in the transportation of waste and recyclables from origin through to destination.

Streamline order to invoice in a single trucking logistics system to save money, work efficiently and reduce paperwork.

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