Data integration for better operations decisions

EZ Ops is 100% integration ready, with a data team and API ready to tie into data that enhances decision making.

Data is the new oil - it is as valuable as the hydrocarbons you’re pulling out of the ground.

Without connected data – how do you know what assets need attention and where the production opportunities lay across your oilfield?

But with so many disparate data sources gathered in field operations and linking to head office – how do you best use this data to make the highest value decisions for your daily operations?

EZ Ops is integration ready

There are two common approaches software partners take: one is open and integration-ready, the other is to use our platform alone. EZ Ops is 100% integration ready, with a data team and flexible API to connect in data that enhances decision making.

EZ Ops software is specifically designed to integrate with other systems and software tools that operations teams use every day.

Value of data integration to field and head office

EZ Ops empowers producers to make better, more informed business decisions by drawing as much intelligence as we can from multiple data systems – not just our own. You’ve already invested in other software that is working for you – we believe in fixing only what’s broken.

Securely connect your third-party data sources and existing systems to EZ Ops to:

  • Get a comprehensive, consolidated view across your field operations in real-time.
  • Make operations activity and data visible between head office and field teams by giving everyone access to the same data.
  • Lessen the data entry burden on field operations teams – so they can spend more time on what really matters like improving production and compliance performance.
  • Improve reporting speed and accuracy – for compliance, accounting and the total operations performance picture.

EZ Ops Integration approach

Here’s what you can expect with EZ Ops software and our integration-ready product team:

  • Retain your data ownership with certainty of data security.
  • Easy integration with your existing third-party solutions such as production accounting software, emissions tracking and asset management software. We can work with cloud based or legacy systems and structured or unstructured data sets.
  • We can also evaluate the opportunity of integration with in-house developed applications.
  • Customize the software for what you actually need. Choose as much or as little of our functionality that works for you.

Get the best data-driven decisions in your field operations with EZ Ops and third-party data integration

Are you a producer looking to assess how field operations software can integrate with your current systems to improve operations performance? Share your needs and we’ll see how we can help.

We believe we’re stronger together – and we’re constantly welcoming new integration partners. Reach out if you see an opportunity to work together by contacting our team.

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Fact sheet:

Support data-driven decisions with integrations

See how EZ Ops field management software can connect to third-party applications to support the best informed, data-driven decisions possible for optimal operations.