Our Why

We empower frontline teams to achieve peak performance, ensuring they are equipped, efficient, and proud of their contributions. Together, we drive innovation and excellence in operations, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and community betterment.

We equip operations and logistics leaders to optimize workforce performance

Our Mission: At EZ Ops, we believe in maximizing human potential to not only help individuals become their best selves but also to contribute significantly to society. Our goal is to foster happiness, pride, and progress in civilization.

Our Impact Since 2015: Since our founding, EZ Ops has been instrumental in digitizing Canadian frontline workers’ activities, utilizing machine learning and AI for optimal decision-making and company performance.

Strategic Growth in 2022: In early 2022, we expanded our capabilities by acquiring Payload Technologies and Drift Tech solutions. This enhanced our offering to include field-to-point-of-sale solutions with a focus on trucking logistics optimization, further applying machine intelligence to boost workforce efficiency, particularly in oil and gas.

Our Unique Position: Our expertise in field operations, trucking logistics, and augmented intelligence uniquely positions us to lead in worker efficiency and performance, embodying our commitment to advancing both individual and societal growth.

The voices of our customers and industry leaders inform the technology we build

Your voice matters to ensure the technology we build provides a true operations advantage to oil and gas companies like yours. As a product-led company, we offer ongoing opportunities for our customers to have input in our product development including guidance on features needed, usability, prototype testing and prioritization of our roadmap – for all of our oil and gas software products.


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There is a proven way forward for the energy industry. We need to consolidate data, optimize how we analyze that data and give oilfield workers, truckers, plant workers, the people working on the oil and gas frontline easy-to-use guidance to take the best action for economical, responsible and safe production.

Brandon Ambrose, CEO

Our Partners

EZ Ops Group partners with diverse organizations to drive innovation and achieve our business goals through collaboration and community engagement.
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