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EZ Ops Resources

Case Study:

Gas producer reduces OPEX 18% with EZ Ops

An already cost-efficient natural gas exploration and production company adopted EZ Ops software and experienced an 18% savings in OPEX while reducing emissions and drive time.

How did it happen? Read the full case study.

Case Study:

E&P company improves compliance operations with EZ Ops

What’s the impact of replacing paper-based compliance monitoring with EZ Ops? For one mid-size E&P company, it resulted in less office time for operators, more consistent monitoring, increased visibility and faster, accurate reports for regulators.

How did it happen? Read the full case study.

Fact Sheet:

Support data-driven decisions with integrations

See how EZ Ops field management software can connect to third-party applications to support the best informed, data-driven decisions possible for optimal operations.

White Paper:

Operational excellence through to the oil and gas frontline

Oil and gas producers are looking at where operations performance is falling short and costing unnecessary operations expense, production issues or ESG incidents. Many are detecting a disconnect between corporate goals and what’s happening daily in the field. Level up your performance with insights from E&P companies who lead at operational excellence.

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Webinar Recording:

Building Team Capacity to Operate by Exception

How can operations teams be equipped to improve company performance? Demand for economical production, intensifying ESG compliance management, and a pending labour shortage are putting operations teams in an impossible situation. There’s more data, more to do, and fewer people to do it. Learn how North American producers are utilizing technology to align company goals with daily operations activity from head office through to the field frontline.

Overview of EZ Ops software capabilities

See how to plan and manage maintenance, inspections, compliance activity and pigging from one scheduling and reporting tool.

See how to access ranked priorities for the day to yield the most production at the lowest cost, on stay on target for compliance.
See how to track production volumes and chemical consumption and communicate the need of the field for fluids’ management.
See how to proactively manage compliance in the field, reduce emissions and ensure accurate reporting.

PAYLOAD Resources

White paper:

Benefits of converting paper-based manifests to digital

See how reducing the lifecycle duration of manifests through technology can significantly improve efficiency, provide transparency, and increase compliance

Overview of PAYLOAD transport logistics platform

Digitize your logistics to safeguard compliance, create efficiencies, and save money.

Remain compliant in the transportation of waste and recyclables from origin through to destination.
Streamline order to invoice in a single trucking logistics system to save money, work efficiently and reduce paperwork.

Achieve Operational Excellence with the EZ Ops Group of Companies.