Keep off the AER infraction list, efficiently manage fugitive emissions inspections and reporting

Keep off the AER infraction list, efficiently manage fugitive emissions inspections and reporting®

In the past few years, the AER has focused heavily on companies to control and monitor their gas and methane emissions. As a result, many oil and gas producers are now getting audited by the AER on their fugitive emissions directive.

Sound familiar? One of your field operators forgets to submit their emissions report on time, or it was incomplete or inaccurate. Once the AER sends that Notice of Noncompliance, you’re on the clock to complete the report within 30 days. That field operator now needs to take time out of their schedule to fix the report and resubmit it to the AER. 

What’s the impact on your operations? Process interruptions and production delays. And worst case scenario, if they miss the tight deadline, your company is now added to their infraction list of Noncompliance & Enforcement, slowing your future production projects from being approved.

fugitive emissions and reporting is critical to get right

As a former operator, I’ve seen this happen more often than you think. Human error is unavoidable, especially when reporting is done on paper rather than digitally.

How can you make it easier for field operations teams to inspect and control these fugitive emissions so you comply with this AER directive?

Equip field operations to proactively schedule fugitive emissions inspections

When your average frontline operator in North America is in control of $8 million in oil and gas assets, there’s a lot riding on their shoulders already. Are your operators able to keep up with fugitive emissions and other new directives, or is it a risk that could cost you in the long run? 

With EZ Ops software, 3rd party inspectors or field operations teams can easily collect field emissions and communicate on active leaks and tasks. Plus, management gets real-time visibility into emissions and leaks and can drive accountability, including assigning an emission event/task to a particular user to get it closed out. 

Here’s how it works:

Third-party inspectors or operators fill out digital inspection forms in EZ Ops to report on fugitive emissions faster and more efficiently. This allows easy communication with other operators or contractors assigned to remedy the problem. 

How digital inspections work in EZ Ops for fugitive emissions

Management can easily pull reports in real-time to get an overview of your fugitive emissions to date. Quickly calculate your emissions total to make on-the-spot adjustments to reduce emissions.

get real-time reporting on fugitive emissions in EZ Ops

What’s the impact of proactively scheduling inspections in EZ Ops?  

One of our most recently acquired customers, a mid-size producer, suffered the consequences of not scheduling the correct inspections of their thermal cameras in one of their many wells. This triggered an AER audit that was detrimental to the company’s performance, with the AER urgently requesting the report to be fixed on time.

Now with EZ Ops software, the customer has a schedule with reminders of each inspection in every location and a complete view of their well’s compliance status overview, with the plus of having all the data instant-ready.

Fugitive Emissions Webinar : Technology to monitor and fix leaks faster

EZ Ops recently hosted a webinar on fugitive emissions with PTAC and Horizon Compliance to help producers manage and fix leaks faster.

By watching the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Current and future regulatory requirements on fugitive emissions in Canada 
  • Best practices for emissions reporting and what to capture to prove compliance 
  • How field operations help get fugitive emissions compliance right
  • How technology can equip operations teams to proactively monitor, repair and report on fugitive methane emissions

This not only helps producers avoid administrative penalties and fines but also improves operational efficiency and reduces the risk of process interruptions and production delays.

Start efficiently managing your fugitive emissions with EZ Ops

At EZ Ops, we equip oil and gas producers to take the most efficient actions to operate with excellence. Don’t risk being subject to administrative penalties, including fines and endless waiting periods to get your projects approved. With technology created by former field operators, we help our customers track their entire emissions data and help keep them off the AER’s infraction list. Take the first step: schedule a demo with our team today.

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About Brandon Ambrose, Founder & CEO of EZ Ops

Brandon has been in oil field operations for over 15 years and is a serial entrepreneur. He is dedicated to finding efficiency in complex oil and gas operations, which translates into tens of millions of dollars in savings for clients, and certainty of hitting ESG goals.