EZ Ops acquires PAYLOAD and Drift to optimize oil and gas operations from the field to delivery, doubling its customers

EZ Ops acquires PAYLOAD and Drift to optimize oil and gas operations from the field to delivery, doubling its customers®

Edmonton, AB – May 9, 2022 –  EZ Ops, a Canadian leader in oil and gas operations technology, has acquired two premier transportation and logistics companies: PAYLOAD Technologies, a cloud-based solution to digitize field tickets and regulatory manifests, and Drift Technological Solutions, a specialist in logistics optimization for efficient fluid management and truck routing. The combined entity doubles EZ Ops customers and brings together world-class data insight and activity scheduling to help oil and gas businesses optimally produce, maintain, transport and manage compliance of their assets.

“Our customers today must deliver economical production, responsible compliance, and keep frontline workers safe even as the labour supply diminishes,” said Brandon Ambrose, CEO and Founder of EZ Ops. “We see an opportunity for oil and gas operations to rise to these demands by taking advantage of all the data available and applying AI. With the acquisitions of Drift and PAYLOAD, we are going beyond optimizing field operations, to optimize truck ticketing and transport logistics ensuring that the action workers need to take are clear to help producers operate most efficiently and responsibly.”

With PAYLOAD and Drift, EZ Ops further optimizes oil and gas operations synthesizing millions of data variables to make data-driven decisions in real-time to guide field operations and fluid transportation in a way that equips producers to perform economically, responsibly and with frontline workers equipped with technology to do their best work – a vision EZ Ops defines as Operational Excellence.

As part of the PAYLOAD acquisition, Chris Lambert, Chief Executive Officer and David Werklund, Founder and Chairman of PAYLOAD are departing the company.

“PAYLOAD has been pushing towards an enterprise platform to provide what customers seek: one turnkey solution for managing transport operations,” said Chris Lambert, outgoing CEO of PAYLOAD. “The marriage of PAYLOAD, EZ Ops and Drift accelerates how fast that vision can be realized, and provides the foundation for the technology to scale.” 

“We are excited to pool our talent, technological capabilities and values we share with EZ Ops and PAYLOAD to move faster toward our vision of a high-performing North American oil and gas industry,” added Jill Viccars, CEO and Founder of Drift. “We’ll continue to deliver great service on the fluid management side to our customers and look forward to collaborating on the value we can offer beyond.”

About EZ Ops 

EZ Ops equips oil and gas operations teams to focus on the top priorities for action to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world. Our operations intelligence platform provides complete capabilities to optimize production, maintenance, compliance and third-party vendor relationships. Our technology is the industry’s most advanced cloud-based operations platform, drawing on machine learning and AI, to guide upstream oil and gas producers in reducing OPEX and emissions to become leaders in the modern energy industry. To date, we’ve saved our customers $58-million in time and operating costs, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Learn more at www.ezops.ca.

About PAYLOAD Technologies

PAYLOAD is a transport logistics software platform that connects oil and gas producers with their service providers giving them tools to optimize transportation activities and maintain regulatory compliance, with end-to-end transaction support including invoicing.  Our core products PL Ticket, PL Manifest and  PL Carrier provide workflow management, easy reconciliation and auditable reporting. Learn more at www.ezops.ca/payload/ 

About Drift Technological Solutions

Drift Technological Solutions optimizes oil and gas fluid management with real-time fluid tracking, cost monitoring, and analytics to provide producers data-driven guidance to optimize truck routing and scheduling. With Drift fluid management, customers maximize profitability, reduce road time emissions, and meet established regulatory commitments and nominations.