EZ Ops announces the second release of its augmented intelligence platform for oil and gas with dynamic routing

EZ Ops announces the second release of its augmented intelligence platform for oil and gas with dynamic routing®

dynamic routing and scheduling for oil and gas

Edmonton, AB – March 17, 2022 –  EZ Ops, the provider of oil and gas operations software that identifies top priorities to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world, has announced the second release of its augmented intelligence operations platform with new capabilities for dynamic routing and day scheduling. 

EZ Ops latest platform release helps operators efficiently plan their daily schedule in under three minutes with certainty they are doing highest value work during their shift, with the least drive time and lowest greenhouse gas emissions. Intelligent schedules and routing draw on algorithms that compute millions of internal and external data including production data, inspection schedules, shift duration, temperature, commodity prices, chemical costs and location data. Beta testing of the newly released feature has begun with customers and will continue over the next several months.

EZ Ops new dynamic routing and scheduling equips upstream oil and gas companies to:

  • Equip operations teams with intelligent suggested schedules to optimize production based on their start and end location for the day, shift duration and form of transportation such as truck or helicopter
  • Enable field teams to instantly toggle their route between Production-as-Priority Route  which looks at highest possible impact on production, or the Fuel-Efficient Route, which optimizes production impact with the least travel time and greenhouse gas emissions.

“This latest release of our new platform equips operations teams with dynamic routing and schedule optimization to complete the highest value activities in the field each day,” explained Brandon Ambrose, CEO and Founder of EZ Ops. “Decisions in the field have become highly complex with operations teams needing to juggle production, compliance and cost management goals. With more data coming at them every day, operators need intelligent scheduling and route guidance to make the best use of their time, consistently.” 

This latest release is part of the ongoing development of the new oil and gas operations platform. Beta customers include many of Canada’s most efficient and profitable producers. 

“The new dynamic routing capabilities gives operations teams the confidence to do the highest value work at the right locations during each shift, without the cognitive overload of computing millions of variables,” explained Nic Lefebvre, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder. “This release is especially valuable to oil and gas companies right now as lean operations teams are being asked to do more at more assets.”

EZ Ops vision is to provide an intelligence platform for operational excellence that becomes an advantage for North America’s producers, with technology that optimizes and informs the best decisions for asset performance. Development continues to run through to 2023.

In June 2021, EZ Ops announced it received $1 million in investment from the Alberta Innovates Clean Resources program to build out a data-driven prioritization engine that draws on AI and machine learning to guide oilfield workers in taking the best action each day to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world.

For more information on the augmented intelligence platform or to participate in the customer advisory group, please contact EZ Ops.

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EZ Ops equips oil and gas operators to focus on the top priorities for action to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world. Our operations intelligence platform provides the complete capabilities needed to operate by exception behind one login. EZ Ops is the #1 choice of operations teams, built by operators for operators earning us a 100% adoption rate. Our technology is the industry’s most advanced SaaS based operations platform, drawing on machine learning and AI, to guide upstream oil and gas producers in reducing OPEX and emissions to become leaders in the modern energy industry. To date, we’ve saved our customers $51-million in time and operating costs, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4,880 tonnes. Learn more at www.ezops.ca.