Proven track record of 100% adoption in the field

Built by operators for operators, EZ Ops is easy-to-use and customizable,
backed by practical service from the team – earning us 100% adoption in the field.

Earning trust of operations teams

When it comes to new oil and gas software, there’s always the risk of adoption.

We’re proud to have gained 100% adoption in the field. And our track record stands with producers who are in the middle of acquisitions or selling off assets.

As oil and gas specialists with direct experience in the oilfield, we support change at the frontline with:

  • Software that’s easy to use
  • Available on-site training for both field and head office
  • Results within weeks of implementation

EZ Onboarding - Implementation timeline

Phase 1: Pre-Implementation Preparation (Week 1)

Involves initial consultation, understanding specific needs, customization requirements, and operational streamlining.

Phase 2:Data Collection and Preparation (Week 2)

Covers data requirements, data format guidelines, and data submission guidelines.

phase 3: Data Import, Validation and Customization (Weeks 3-4*)

Detailed steps for customizing and integrating data, including data assessment, cleaning, validation, and deployment.

Phase 4: Training and User Adoption (Weeks 5-8)

In-person training by operators for operators. Focuses on training schedules, user engagement, and overcoming implementation challenges.

Phase 5: Go-Live and Post-Implementation (Weeks 8-12)

Outlines the go-live plan, final adjustments, and post-implementation review.


100% of operations teams report time savings and new efficients. Companies see reduced OPEX.

“Implementing EZ Ops is not difficult. Even guys new to technology pick it up quick. The software keeps teams and compliance on track even as we grow through acquisitions.”

- Area Foreman, EZ Ops Customer

Meet our customer success team lead

Patrick Herren, Director of Customer Experience

When you work with EZ Ops, you’ll talk to someone that actually knows what a petcock and a pig is in the patch. Pat’s been operating numerous assets around Alberta for the past decade and leads our on-boarding and training team, providing responsive helpful service that has earned EZ Ops a 100% adoption track record in the field.