Streamlined Oilfield
Maximizing Profits,
Compliance and Safety

Streamlined Oilfield
Maximizing Profits,
Compliance and Safety

A Custom-Tailored Solution
By Operators, for Operators

Launch your own communication platform today with
a minimal setup by giving your team access to our
core solution EZLite

EZOPS modules Pinch to Zoom

Need further features pertinent to your company?

Customize your EZOPS® app by integrating any of our 10 available EZ modules at your pace

No more surprises, no more trying force-fit technology to fit demanding oil field needs.

Lead with EZLite because
you need Results NOW

Unclog field communication channels and spend less time processing “paperwork”


  • EZMessage your entire team and support social distancing
  • Easy to implement and adopt
  • Create a collective brain around each of your assets
  • Seamless communication and accountability
  • Location based database of all your records and acknowledgements
  • Hold your contractors accountable by ensuring that they bring the right parts and are time-efficient
Operator using EZOPS on tablet

Not sure why this hasn’t been built sooner, I never thought of all the mirror tasks and events we document as communication. Now all this communication is streamlined and referenceable. Game changer.

Rory Landry

Further Load EZLite
with integrated EZ Modules

Depending on your needs you can further customize
EZLite by integrating any of the 10 available EZ modules
in whichever order you prefer


Digital Reading Sheets

  • Replacing paper reading sheets, alarming set-points, custom emails/alarm notifications
  • Digitally filed and referenceable
  • Calculated and auto filled entries giving you more out than you give in

Digitalizing our plant reading sheets has streamlined our communications and allowed us to use this data as an asset opposed to a fire hazard in our back office.

Tier 1 Producer

Auto generated Preventative maintenance

  • Upcoming preventative maintenance calculated based on digital reading sheets or calendar life
  • Plan and reconcile your PM costs
  • Digital filing cabinet for service records
  • Keep your team connected with Planned service dates
  • History is tracked and auditable

Digital pigging records and schedules

  • Know exactly what needs to be pigged for compliance
  • Know exactly what lines have been pigged
  • Know exactly where your pigs are in the field
  • Reduce emissions and lower risk by opening pig traps when only necessary
  • Calculate venting in your field based on real information
  • Have auditable records at your fingertips with all pigging information at your next AER audit
  • All license and lines tracked to users and time stamps
  • Ensure your team understands and is following your compliance Plan

EZOPS® and its pigging module was a game changer in our recent AER audit. We were easily able to showcase what pigs were sent, by who and that we were compliant. Much easier to hold our team accountable and produce records when needed.

Aspen leaf

Production and Chemical Tanks

  • Know exactly what levels are in your field with a click of a button
  • Manage trucking companies
  • Optimize trucking routes based on real data

Chemical injection rates

  • Calculated injection rates based on time stamps and coefficients
  • Ensure your team knows exactly what rates need to be and easily communicate and adjust them
  • Save money, increase integrity and production with correct and transparent rates
  • Engage your chemical provider and stop driving around to issue "Sticker rates"

Tracking our chemical injection has always been tricky, EZOPS® gives us peace of mind to know exactly what’s happening in the field.

Aspen Leaf

Health, safety forms and corrective action workflows

  • Causal Analysis
  • Connect your team
  • One place corrective actions and workflows
  • Offline and location-based documentation

Pressure vessels, PSV tracking and inspections

  • Swap your PSV data base info offline
  • Inspect your vessels and verify your assets offline
  • Stay organized and compliant

During an ABSA audit, It was pretty cool seeing the completed PRD inspections on EZOPS®, everything was time and user stamped which made it very clear inspections were actually being done in the field. The Follow up workflows were nice to track as well.

Crystal Clear Testing


  • Create any inspection you want or need
  • Site, Tank, Safety, Vehicle, ROW, Car seals, vessels/PSV’s, HS&E. Or anything your want
  • All offline
  • All workflows and corrective actions tied to EZOPS® platform and rectified when completed
  • Inspections digitally filed and referenceable

Calibration reporting and tracking

  • Know exactly what calibration events are coming up
  • Complete the calibration records offline in the field at time of completion
  • Add to your complete digital record on a well

EZOPS® calibration and reporting system is easy to understand and saves a ton of time.

Phoenix Energy

SCADA integration

  • Have EZOPS® tell your operators which wells to attend based on commodity prices and downtime
  • Use our advanced business intelligence to ensure your team understands the importance of their job and the urgency of getting wells back online ASAP

Working with the EZOPS team integrating SCADA values has been a pleasure

Retraft Solutions
EZOPS application dashboard

The Power of All
EZ Modules combined

Once you have all our EZ modules you:

  • Can say goodbye to multiple platform passwords as everything is now in one place on your EZOPS® platform
  • Have created a virtual digital twin of your Operations workflow that can now be analyzed like never before
  • Can promote great operators and identify laggards in your organization

We understand the future
and we will help your team get there

We digitalize 10's of Millions of records, with this there is opportunity to use machine learning to further predict and optimize workflows

We are also working on connecting you and your contractors with audible trails for tickets and invoices directly to payable accounts systems