Case Study: Gas producer reduces OPEX 18% with EZ Ops

Case Study: Gas producer reduces OPEX 18% with EZ Ops®

An already cost-efficient natural gas exploration and production company adopted EZ Ops software and experienced an 18% savings in OPEX while reducing emissions and drive time.

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The Challenge

Operational inefficiencies have plagued the oil and gas industry for decades, particularly for field teams, who are faced with prioritization challenges every day. There are overwhelming volumes of information to sort through, seemingly endless phone calls and emails, maintenance planning, and vendors to manage.

Even so, would implementing EZ Ops field operations management software produce significant impact for a gas producer that already stressed cost controls and efficiencies across its operations?

how did an already efficient natural gas producer cost operations costs in the field

The Solution

The gas company replaced their old fragmented systems and centralized communication with EZ Ops for management of their operations. The software consolidated all of the gas producer’s operations information.

It provided a central hub where their operations team could see a prioritized list of field activities, work in sync to complete them, and easily communicate updates in real-time to multiple team members, vendors or management. With EZ Ops, the company could work in an operate-by-exception model.

Field operations impacted covered an area with:

  • 100 wells
  • 2 gas processing operating team
  • 11 person operating team
  • multiple maintenance and trucking vendors
EZ Ops software for field operation management used to consolidate operations and communications for oil and gas producers

“One entry in EZ Ops and all our schedules are calculated and prioritized for us.” – VP Production

The Improvements

Once EZ Ops was deployed, it revealed optimization opportunities in a number of areas of the gas producer’s operations:

  • Precise chemical management optimized production.
  • Predictive scheduling and maintenance reduced road time and costs.
  • Effective compliance activities reduced methane intensity.
  • One-stop, real-time communications empowered field teams to do their best work.

“EZ Ops has allowed us to streamline operations including preventative maintenance and reduced our time to track down and organize services.” – VP Production

Impacts in the first 12 months of deploying EZ Ops software

Year One Results

Within just 12 months of using EZ Ops, the gas company substantially reduced operating costs, cut emissions and drive time, including:

  • 18% OPEX reduction – Operations efficiencies through EZ Ops equipped the company to reduce OPEX by over 18%.
  • 100% environmental compliance – Proactive emissions monitoring and management ensured ESG activities were tracked and compliant.
  • 80% less road time – Optimized work scheduling with EZ Ops reduced operator driving time from 391,745 km/year to 91,014 km/year and large truck traffic decreased from 90,450 km/year to 11,318 km/year.
  • 80/20 clarity on key activities reduced field management from 11 to 6 members and resulted in less stressful, shorter days for the field operations team. 
EZ Ops saves field operators and trucking vendors significant mileage

“The reductions we experienced were only possible by pulling all the fragmented systems and data into one place, then having operators compile this information to make the most optimized decisions.”  – VP Production

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Read the full case study now for details on how the gas producer streamlined maintenance, optimized trucking and 3rd party logistics, eliminated redundant communications, and saved time and reduced costs across its operations. All by using EZ Ops software.