Our Team

As experienced operators and coordinators in the oil and gas industry, we’ve developed an innovative solution to address contemporary challenges in field operations and logistics.

Leadership Team

Brandon Ambrose

Brandon Ambrose

CEO and Founder

Brandon is the CEO of EZ Ops Group of Companies. Brandon helps oil and gas companies optimize the performance of the frontline workers to achieve optimal, responsible company performance. Brandon has been in oil field operations for over 15 years and is a serial entrepreneur.

Before founding EZ Ops in 2015, Brandon founded the field operations management company Reliance Production Optimization and the aviation company Reliance Aviation which runs a small fleet of helicopters servicing the oil field. His ongoing experience as an Area Foreman for a highly efficient large exploration and development company helps Brandon deeply understand the needs of the oilfield.

Lisa Mercer, EZ Ops Chief of Revenue

Lisa Mercer


Lisa, as Co-CEO, is responsible for jointly leading and overseeing the company’s operations, strategic direction, and performance. Working alongside another Co-CEO, her role requires strong leadership, domain expertise in the oil and gas industry, and the ability to drive innovation and growth in the software solutions offered by the company.

Previous to joining EZ Ops, Lisa was the Director of Finance & Privacy Officer at PAYLOAD Technologies. She holds a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Advanced Diploma in management accounting which has been World Education Services assessed as a bachelor’s degree. Lisa’s not-for-profit sector experience has solidified her in-depth knowledge of corporate governance. 

Nic Lefebvre

Nic Lefebvre

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder

As the Chief Product Officer, Nic leads EZ Ops rapidly growing technical team of software developers, data scientists, usability, graphics and visualization teams.

Nic and his team bring industry-leading machine learning and AI, data analytics and geospatial technology to the EZ Ops operations intelligence platform to equip producers to reliably meet or exceed production and environmental goals.

Nic is an experienced software engineer and full stack developer with extensive experience in the oil patch. As one of the co-founders of EZ Ops, Nic has applied his technical expertise to architect and build EZ Ops from the very beginning, resulting in the industry’s most advanced SaaS based operations platform.

Jordan Seib

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Jordan ensures that EZ Ops have a clear customer-centric growth focus and discipline in how they operate and achieve goals. He is also responsible for financial and administrative oversight, mapping the resources needed to scale.

Jordan’s strong background in oil and gas helps him translate the needs of his clients. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and has 8 years of experience as a Wellsite Geologist.

As oil and gas companies look to maximize responsible production, reduce costs and keep their workforces best utilized and safe, Jordan is effective at sharing how technology can have impact in a way that’s practical for adoption.

Brenda Taylor

Director of Account Management and Customer Success

Brenda leads our Account Management and Customer Success teams at EZ Ops, where she ensures high client satisfaction and retention rates through expertly tailored service strategies. Since 1996, she has honed her skills in customer service across the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries, with roles in Business Development, General Management, and Account Management.

Brenda’s extensive background equips her with unique insights into customer engagement strategies and service excellence. She excels in navigating complex account landscapes, ensuring that every client receives tailored attention that underscores their value to EZ Ops. Her approach combines proactive leadership with a deep understanding of the nuances of customer relationships, making her an invaluable asset to both our team and the clients we serve.

Pat Herren

Patrick Herren

Onboarding and Implementation Lead

Pat leads our on-boarding and training team, providing responsive helpful service that has earned EZ Ops a 100% adoption track record in the field.

Pat and his team work directly with operations teams to ensure operators get value from EZ Ops – from training, setup, configuration and being the first contact for clients.

Pat has extensive experience working in the oil patch as a production operator. He is an excellent lead trainer who connects with field clients because he knows firsthand the demands of the job. He has a talent for patiently communicating with operators of all experience levels.