Our Team

We are oil and gas operators who decided to build a solution to manage modern challenges in the field.

Our Team

We are oil and gas operators who decided to build a solution to manage modern challenges in the field.

Leadership Team

Brandon Ambrose picture

Brandon Ambrose

CEO and Founder

As CEO of EZ Ops software, Brandon helps oil and gas operations teams to focus on the top priorities for action to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world. Brandon has been in oil field operations for over 15 years and is a serial entrepreneur. 

Before founding EZ Ops, Brandon founded the field operations management company Reliance Production Optimization, and the aviation company Reliance Aviation which runs a small fleet of helicopters servicing the oil field. He was an Area Foreman to a large exploration and development company before setting out on his own.

Brandon has a flair for finding efficiency in complex processes which started when he was 12 and selling honey from his own bees. Today, those skills translate into tens of millions of dollars in savings for oil and gas customers.

Nic Lefebvre picture

Nic Lefebvre

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder

As the Chief Product Officer, Nic leads EZ Ops rapidly growing technical team of software developers, data scientists, usability, graphics and visualization teams.

Nic and his team bring industry-leading machine learning and AI, data analytics and geospatial technology to the EZ Ops operations intelligence platform to equip producers to reliably meet or exceed production and environmental goals.

Nic is an experienced software engineer and full stack developer with extensive experience in the oil patch. As one of the co-founders of EZ Ops, Nic has applied his technical expertise to architect and build EZ Ops from the very beginning, resulting in the industry’s most advanced SaaS based operations platform.

Adam Cann picture

Adam Cann

Director of Operations and Co-founder

As Director of Operations, Adam oversees the day-to-day operations of EZ Ops including sales, marketing, training and client support. 

Adam and his team’s mandate is to help prospects and customers experience the value of EZ Ops, and motivate organizations to extend usage of the technology further into their operations. His accounting background drives him to make sure that every action we take generates value for our customers, and drives value and efficiency in our own business as we scale.

As one of the founders of EZ Ops, Adam has been heavily involved in the development of EZ Ops from day one, taking on several roles including product manager, salesman, training lead, and configuration lead. 

Adam takes great pride in the oil and gas industry and how EZ Ops technology enables hard-working, passionate operators to do their best work.

Patrick Herren picture

Patrick Herren

Director of Customer Success

Pat leads our on-boarding and training team, providing responsive helpful service that has earned EZ Ops a 100% adoption track record in the field.

Pat and his team work directly with operations teams to ensure operators get value from EZ Ops – from training, setup, configuration and being the first contact for clients.

Pat has extensive experience working in the oil patch as a production operator. He is an excellent lead trainer who connects with field clients because he knows firsthand the demands of the job. He has a talent for patiently communicating with operators of all experience levels.