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performing at their best
with easy-to-use oilfield software

EZ Ops provides all of the capabilities
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Get more efficient
oilfield operations with EZ Ops

How do frontline operations teams decide what really needs to get done with so much information to sort and so many systems to log into?

Equip operations teams to see the top priorities for action each day.

EZ Ops is software for field operations management with AI driven intelligence that shows workers the top priority activities to action that yield the most production and safeguards compliance.

Efficient producers use EZ Ops to operate by exception in the field and reduce OPEX by 15% or more, make compliance hassle-free and reduce emissions.

EZ Modules for Field Optimization

Core capabilities of EZ Ops oilfield management software

EZ Ops is a cloud-based operations platform that runs primarily on mobile devices, on and offline.

Start with a few modules or adopt the full platform to operate by exception and gain maximum efficiency.


Field Datalog & Priority Management

  • Auto-prioritize activities – Task lists prioritize routine and one-off activities for cost-effective production and to meet or exceed compliance goals.
  • Streamline cross-team communication – like Slack for operations teams – everyone is connected, can coordinate effort and share status updates.
  • Alarms save monitoring time – detect out-of-normal operating conditions with alerts.
  • Less trips to the field – Activities are grouped by location, to eliminate duplicate trips.
  • Easy trend analysis and reporting – Data is searchable, shows trends and is easily analyzed by operations and management and exported for reporting.
  • Field teams can work offline – data syncs once Internet connection is available.
  • No duplicate data entry – EZ Ops integrates with SCADA, PVR, and other systems so data only gets entered once, and stays accurate.

Field Scheduling & Maintenance

  • Scheduling is centralized – all operations team members and third parties see what’s underway for the day in one platform.
  • Shared information hub – equip operations teams to see real-time status of activity and communicate real-time.
  • Maintenance is proactive – tasks are prioritized based on predictive models using historical data to yield the highest asset performance and compliance.
  • Activity tracked for accountability – Teams gain visibility into critical operations, and can be more accountable to goals.
  • Inspection data access – operations and management gain access to real-time inspection data for streamline auditing and compliance reporting.

Asset management & equipment maintenance

  • Essential asset integrity management tools in one platform for operations leaders and the field frontline.
  • Track your PSV and Vessels inventory and location, schedule maintenance and inspections, and gain an audit trail of work performed and inspection results.
  • Management of Change (MOC) system – easy, consistent change request process to streamline reviews, approvals and status updates. Complete audit trail of MOC and Replacement in Kind (RIK) approvals.
  • Predictive maintenance scheduling for pigging, pipelines and facility activity to reduce the cost of managing assets, while keeping workers safe and lowering the risk of leaks or spills.

Production Management

  • Shared information hub – equips operations teams to oversee production and fluids management and communicate real-time.
  • Automated task lists best schedule chemical injection, turbine management and fluid trucking to minimize downtime, reduce trips and optimize production.
  • Detect abnormalities – alerts save operators time monitoring production issues. Tank monitoring is enforced to prevent leaks, even for out of service tanks.
  • Volumes are tracked at the field and plant to detect gas meter issues and ensure production is on target.
  • Simple data entry – input field tickets at site; pull data from other sources.
  • Easy reporting – pull accurate production data for accounting.

Compliance Management | Emissions and Safety

  • Simple data entry – EZ Ops integrates with other systems to reduce data capture effort and keep reporting accurate.
  • Prebuilt and customized compliance forms – chose from a selection of ready-to-deploy digital forms, all configurable to your company’s unique needs.
  • Compliance data is centralized – all data including from pigging operations, catadynes and fugitive emissions is in one platform at ops and management fingertips.
  • Simplified proactive scheduling ensures compliance management and maintenance tasks get done routinely with efficient effort.
  • Reporting is consistent and reliable, with trend data for operations teams to mine and for management analysis.
  • Emissions and well data is report ready – related data MSAPR and AER data is combined with relevant well data and ready for export for reporting. Automatically pull audit reports.
  • Detect and resolve issues real-time – auto-track issues and equip the first person on site to share full information (data and graphics) to resolve issues.
chemical tank readings fluid levels chemical management

AI Operator Optimization

  • Build optimized daily work packages for operators based on what work will impact their company most.
  • The system builds operators a route detailing where to go, what to do in those locations, and how long each segment of the trip should take.
  • The package is manually editable to ensure the operator’s thought is augmented with AI.
  • The AI model incorporates millions of different data points and compares different scenarios to ensure an optimal plan is created.

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See how to access ranked priorities for the day to yield the most production at the lowest cost, on stay on target for compliance.
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It’s time to harness the power
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Drawing on machine learning, automation and AI, EZ Ops technology equips your operators to work smarter, rather than harder.

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