EZ Ops’ new Management of Change (MOC) feature for oil and gas 

EZ Ops’ new Management of Change (MOC) feature for oil and gas ®

When equipment failure strikes, is it taking too long to get change requests approved? Or is it leading to work delays and unplanned downtime, with a higher risk of worker injury?

We’ve heard from many oil and gas companies using Excel sheets and systems not purpose-built for Management of Change can consume valuable time to coordinate, cause approval bottlenecks, and are a headache to audit. 

The good news is working with our existing customers and industry leaders, we’ve developed a MOC feature for the industry that’s easy to use and manages risk from one operations platform.

Streamline MOC processes in one easy-to-use platform 

For oil and gas companies concerned about protecting asset integrity, ensuring compliance and reducing risk, EZ Ops’ new Management of Change can help you ease coordination efforts and reduce risk in one platform. 

Here’s how it works:

Easily and consistently track MOC change requests and calibrate your risk. If you’re already using EZ Ops, it uses the same simple interface and easy-to-use forms you’re used to. 

EZ Ops Management of Change (MOC) gives you the easiest way to add new MOC requests, review their risk and get everyone looped in.

Keep MOC requests and actions moving by streamlining reviews, approvals and actions in one easy-to-use system. Everyone who needs to review and approve a change is automatically looped in and prompted to take action, thanks to automated alerts and reminders. 

EZ Ops Management of Change (MOC) streamlines reviews and approvals across your organization

Get real-time visibility into MOC requests and status updates and see who’s accountable for the next action. A digital audit trail ensures documentation is consistent, tracked and error-free, from start to finish.

EZ Ops Management of Change (MOC) gives you real-time visibility to your compliance management requests

As an extension of EZ Ops MOC, we’ve also added Replacement in Kind (or RIK). Track maintenance that doesn’t require approval but still needs documenting and status tracking, with a clear history and complete accountability tracking.

And with EZ Ops’ latest release on PSV and Vessels, get practical and easy-to-use asset integrity tools for operations leaders and the field frontline – all in one operations platform.

What’s the impact of using EZ Ops Management of Change? 

Users report immediately reducing their effort to manage MOC requests and EZ Ops MOC keeps risk assessments well managed, consistently documented and accurate.

  • Spend 80% less time coordinating MOC requests and approvals 
  • Get 50% faster action taken on MOC repairs and process updates 
  • Gain 100% visibility into MOC request status and actions completed

Efficiently manage change compliance with EZ Ops MOC

EZ Ops operations management software helps producers manage asset integrity, maintenance, compliance and more—solutions that integrate seamlessly with MOC. Customers can use EZ Ops MOC independently or integrate it with other modules.  

It only takes days to roll out MOC to your oil and gas operations. Take the first step – see how it works in a demo

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Pat’s been operating oil and gas assets for the past decade and knows firsthand the demands of the job working in the oil patch as a former production operator.

Pat leads our onboarding and training team, providing responsive helpful service that has earned EZ Ops a 100% adoption track record in the field.