Customer Success

Customer Success

Our Customer Success:
The Core of EZ Ops’ Commitment to Operational Excellence

From First Contact to Continuous Improvement 

Our CS team, veterans on logistics and field operations, is committed to guiding you from the initial point of engagement, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation of our solutions in your operations.

We believe in continuous improvement and regular business reviews to ensure that your operations are not just maintaining but continually enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Acting as the voice of our customers, we ensure your feedback and insights are integral to our solution development process.

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Reach us at +1-877-219-0010 or email at

We’re here to ensure your journey towards operational excellence is smooth, efficient, and constantly evolving.

Meet our customer success team lead

Patrick Herren, Director of Customer Experience

When you work with EZ Ops, you’ll talk to someone that actually knows what a petcock and a pig is in the patch. Pat’s been operating numerous assets around Alberta for the past decade and leads our on-boarding and training team, providing responsive helpful service that has earned EZ Ops a 100% adoption track record in the field.