Cut your compliance effort with
proactive compliance management software

Streamline compliance in the field from scheduling,
tracking and reporting in one easy-to-use system.

Is your compliance management
time consuming or inaccurate?

Compliance management is a top concern of oil and gas producers to avoid hefty regulatory fines and protect their reputation as a responsible producer.

But maintaining regulatory compliance can be a time sink for field operation teams who may be spending up to one third of their time on compliance inspections and audits and corrective actions are difficult to track and manage.

How can field teams efficiently manage and report on compliance from the field, without spending hours and days?

EZOPS application dashboard

Streamline regulatory compliance
with EZ Ops software for compliance

With EZ Ops, field operations teams manage compliance in one easy-to-use system, saving days on compliance activities so they can regain that time to proactively optimize production.

  • Significantly cut compliance management effort with automated scheduling, digital inspections and real-time reporting
  • Rapidly resolve compliance issues and get activity updates across field teams to head office, ensuring visibility into fixes
  • Pull accurate reports in real-time from one system, accessible by operations, management and HSE or compliance leads
  • Safeguard your reputation as a responsible producer by staying off the infraction list, giving management and investors confidence

During an ABSA audit, it was pretty cool seeing the completed PRD inspections on EZ Ops, everything was time and user stamped which made it very clear inspections were actually being done in the field. The follow up workflows were nice to track as well.

Crystal Clear Testing

EZ Ops is a one-stop
compliance management system

Manage all of your compliance requirements including:

  • AER Directives such as D-13 Suspension, D-55 Tank Storage and D-77
    Pipelines including pigging requirements
  • Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Regulation (TIER)
  • Methane Emission Reduction Regulation (MERR)
  • Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR)
  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ASBA) inspection audits

Features of EZ Ops
compliance management software

Feature 1 icon

Simple data entry

Feature 6 icon

Centralized access

Feature 5 icon

Automated audit reporting

Feature 7 icon

Proactive scheduling

Feature 2 icon

Detect and resolve issues real-time

Feature 9 icon

Emissions and well data reporting

Deploy EZ Ops software in
days and see these benefits

Once compliance is automated and reporting streamlined through our compliance management system software, our E&P clients see these common benefits:

Feature 4 icon

Reduce compliance effort from foreman from 30% to 5% or less

Feature 7 icon

Proactively schedule hundreds of inspections per month

Feature 2 icon

Equip team for same day resolution of any compliance risks

Feature 9 icon

Reduce reporting from days
to half day per month

EZ Ops calibration and reporting system is easy
to understand and saves a ton of time.

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