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Over are the days, of cross-navigating multiple softwares! Everything is now centrally located to perform every task, inspection, calibration, readings on sites and more. EZOPS is the only tool operators need to increase efficiency and save money.

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EZOPS is the first operational tech application that was built with operators to ensure, not only usability, but the most user-friendly experience.

Equipment Management
Preventative maintenance scheduling and tracking in the plant or in the field.
Chemical Management & Tanks
Suggested chemical injection rates and tracking to manage the inflow and outflow of every tank.
Assign and organize tasks for each user with built-in notifications and sign-offs to ensure accountability.
Pigging & Pipelines
Optimized pigging schedules and pipeline compliance tracking ensuring efficient systems and environmental protection.
Conduct and store inspections, and reports that can be accessed by all users.
Access grand-scale reports for cross-overs and complete summaries of productivity and production data over a selected time frame.

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