Latest news from EZ Ops

Latest news from EZ Ops

Adopting logistics AI to avoid asset shutdowns this winter

By optimizing trucking routes and tank rates, EZ Ops prevents tanks from running dry, reduces operational costs, and enhances efficiency. It provides clarity on tank levels and empowers operators with data-informed decision-making tools for better logistics management. Discover our AI-driven approach for a more efficient winter.
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The balance between technology support, AI and human intervention in oil and gas operations – How to get it right

Oil and gas operations are facing increasing complexity, challenges, and competition due to the energy transition, market volatility, and environmental pressures. To thrive in this dynamic environment, oil and gas companies must optimize production efficiency, reduce costs and carbon footprint, and enhance safety and compliance. Utilizing the right technology support and AI-driven solutions can play […]
how to use oil and gas production software to operate by exception in the field

Best practices to navigate field-level change resistance in oil and gas production: How to avoid poor change management

Change resistance is a common challenge in oil and gas, leading to poor initiative adoption, reduced efficiency, and increased costs. Effective change management is crucial to overcome this resistance. Learn how EZ Ops helps optimize field operations and navigate challenges through clear communication, training and support, and progress monitoring.