Frequently Asked Questions

When you decide to invest in a powerful piece of technology, no matter how user-friendly it may be, you’re still bound to have questions. We’re happy to help you as you discover the capabilities of EZ Ops Apps and are here for you every step of the way.

Please read through the following questions.
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Do the apps work offline?

Yes, the EZ Ops app and the Payload Ticket app are designed with operators and drivers in mind. As service in the field and on the road is often spotty, we have made sure these apps work without any interruption to their workflow. However, if you are working in an oil producer’s office or in a trucking vendor’s office, the Payload Ticket website is online only.

Yes, the EZ Ops apps all offer a wide variety of reports that can be configured to provide monthly, quarterly, or annual data. 

Our incredible Customer Experience team will help you kickstart your EZ journey starting from your current process and data.  The more information you can provide, the more features and automation you will be able to take advantage of, such as tank levels, equipment reading sheets, costing, and more.

Yes, both the operations and logistics apps offer various services to assist with not only compliance tracking, but also can export information to be sent to others for audits. From inspections and services in the field, to TDG and AER transport documentation, we have nearly everything you need to track and show compliance.

In the EZ Ops Operations app, operators have their own dashboard that shows a summary of their locations.

The app flags items that are past due on the dashboard and on individual locations to help operators quickly identify the items that need the most immediate attention. We also offer a variety of reports for both operators and management to help track this information. We are currently working on a day planner that helps operators focus on the most important tasks and optimize their routes and time on site.

The EZ Ops Operations app offers a wide range of inspections and schedules to help keep your organization compliant.

These can be customized with workflows that are tailored to your company, offering solutions ranging from autocreating tasks to correct inspection failures or shortcomings to emailing inspection results to department heads, and much more.

Failed or delinquent inspections are displayed and prioritized within the app and are tracked in various reports.

Yes, both the EZ Ops Operations and Payload Ticket apps offer inventory tracking. The Payload Ticket app is able to keep track of chemicals or fluid left on a site, in transit, or sent for disposal. The EZ Ops Operations app tracks where various tanks or equipment, such as compressors, catadynes, or PSVs, are housed. It’s not limited to these either; you can create your own custom miscellaneous item types if it doesn’t exist and add it to the system along with all items of that type.

Aside from integrating with each other, the EZ Ops suite does offer some additional integrations such as Datasharing through Snowflake, custom automated reporting through SigmaComputing, Production Accounting Such as Prodview, and Custom SCADA production integration.

Both the EZ Ops Operations and the Payload Ticket apps offer some solutions to help handle safety concerns. Both apps offer mobile tracking when there is sufficient cellular service. The operations app also offers special logbook or task settings to highlight an item as a safety item, as well as offers incident reporting and tracking. The Payload Ticket app offers a special sign-in for first responders should an incident occur while the driver is in transit with a chemical, allowing for quick access to all necessary safety information and TDG/AER documentation.

The EZ Ops suite offers key data to assist with emissions tracking and reporting.

Yes, the EZ Ops Operations app offers a dashboard and workflow designed specifically for Management of Change (MoC) and Replacement in Kind (RIK), including visual risk matrixes, a clear reporting structure and dependencies, and much more.

Yes, both the EZ Ops Operations and Payload offer some configuration to digitally mimic your workflows as closely as possible. configurations include, but are not limited to: custom forms and workflows, custom dropdown lists and categories, and the ability to only toggle on the individual services that you use. For example, if you want to use our tank inspections with custom forms, but don’t want to track tank levels, we are able to enable that inspections feature and build your custom form for you without enabling tank levels.