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How will EZOPS make my life easier?

We designed EZOPS with a few core principles in mind: save time, save money, and increase production. The application communicates large amounts of information previously unavailable to provide operators with all they need in the field, as well as the ability to communicate with the rest of their team. 

How can EZOPS save me time?

By providing operators with a unique tool that integrates every part of their job there is never the problem of not having the part, tool, or answer to a problem. 

How can EZOPS save me money?

Time is money, by saving operators and producers time you are saving them money. Streamlining efficiency through our application and enabling operators to make cost-effective decision in the field all actively reduce the bottom line. 

How can EZOPS save me time on cross-over shifts?

The Weekly Reporting feature of EZOPS is the perfect tool for streamlining cross-over transitions. By selecting the given date range and generating a report incoming operators can quickly get up to speed on what they missed from production data, notes, tasking, and identify upcoming tasks and schedules they should consider for their shift. 

We already have SCADA why do I need EZOPS?

While SCADA pulls some production information off assets it is not fully automated. Operators have to physically go to site to pull external information from the site. EZOPS integrates SCADA with the physical inputs to give a complete picture of field and plant production. 

Can EZOPS work in plants/facilities in addition to working in the field?

EZOPS is designed to optimize both plant and field production. The data is stored by location within the application so everything related to a particular well or facility will have its own location in the application. 

Where can I access EZOPS?

You can access EZOPS from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. One of the advantages of using a web-application is the ability to access the database and information anywhere and at anytime. 

Does EZOPS meet legal and regulatory standards?

Everything inside of the EZOPS application is designed to meet AER, and other regulatory bodies, legal requirements to eliminate any additional steps for users to meet compliance. 

I've just bought in to EZOPS, what happens now? How do I setup the program?

Once you have signed onto using EZOPS we will actually do all the setup for you! We create your custom dashboard and tailor the program to streamline your workflow. We do all the work on the front end so operators can get the program fully built for them and can begin optimizing. 

Will anyone show me how to use EZOPS?

Yes, our specialists and software designers will actually come out to your facility and show you how to navigate and use EZOPS. The application was designed with operators for simplicity and efficiency so operators pick up using the application very quickly. 

Is EZOPS compatible with my existing softwares?

EZOPS is entirely compatible with other software applications. Through our application you can generate reports or data sets as CSV files which can be uploaded into most other software applications. 

I already have one or more softwares for operators why do I need another?

All of our clients previously had existing softwares that covered some aspect of oilfield operations. However, EZOPS is a central hub for every aspect of oil and gas operating. Entering everything from integrity management, production to calibrations and safety allows operators to navigate one software and avoid wasting time navigating multiple softwares that often do not communicate with each other. 

I've recorded new data on my device, how do I share it with the rest of my team?

Once you have gathered all your information, data, inspections, calibrations and more from the field while the application was offline you only have to synchronize your device. When you have cellular service on your device you simply go to your home dashboard and press “Sync" and now everyone has access to the updated data and information you've gathered.

When should I sync my device with EZOPS?

Simple, sync your device first thing before you start you shift, and then again when you have finished off for the day. Synchronizing in the morning allows the application to pull all the most recent data onto your device for the day. 

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