Gain Certainty of Compliance with Oil and Gas Inspection Software

Gain Certainty of Compliance with Oil and Gas Inspection Software®

In the intricate world of the oil and gas industry, ensuring compliance isn’t just about meeting regulatory standards. It’s about trust, operational excellence, and the reputation of your business. With stakeholders demanding more transparency, accuracy, and real-time reporting, how can producers stay ahead and ensure they’re not just compliant but excelling in their operations? Enter the world of advanced software solutions specifically designed by operators for operators.

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Proactive Compliance Management with EZ Ops

For many oil and gas producers, the traditional paper method of gathering information from different systems during report time can be cumbersome. It often takes days to compile data, which may have gaps or errors, leading to manual corrections. This not only delays the reporting process but also diminishes the confidence of management in the data.

At EZ Ops, we offer a solution to these challenges by streamlining the tracking and assignment of compliance management tasks in the field:

  • Field operations teams can proactively schedule compliance activities, reducing data entry and generating reports faster.
  • Data entry is simplified as EZ Ops integrates with other systems, ensuring accurate reporting.
  • All data, including pigging operations, catadynes, fugitive emissions, and more, is centralized in one platform, making it readily accessible to operations and management teams.
  • Audit reports are automated, allowing foremen or management to pull them instantly.
  • The software ensures consistent and reliable reporting, providing trend data for operations teams and management analysis.

A Real-world Impact: E&P Company Case Study

A mid-sized E&P company, aiming to triple its production through acquisitions, faced challenges in maintaining consistent compliance standards across its operations. Their reliance on paper-based compliance monitoring led to inconsistencies, data gaps, and time-consuming back-to-the-office trips for data entry.

Upon implementing EZ Ops in 2020, the company experienced transformative results:

  • Field teams now have a compliance calendar, ensuring all tasks are prioritized and scheduled.
  • Automated task alerts eliminate the need for manual reminders.
  • Foremen can observe data in daily overviews, allowing them to spot and address potential issues proactively.
  • Compliance and operations managers can generate month-end compliance reports in minutes, ensuring accuracy and saving hours of preparation.

Within a year of using EZ Ops, the company saved up to 2 hours a week per operator on administrative tasks, achieved real-time visibility into compliance, improved their compliance report card, and ensured audit-ready data tracking.

The Future of Compliance Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry, companies need robust tools to ensure compliance without compromising on efficiency. EZ Ops Compliance Management software provides a comprehensive solution, ensuring accurate, real-time reporting while freeing up valuable resources. As the industry continues to grow and face new challenges, tools like EZ Ops will be instrumental in ensuring that companies can meet their compliance requirements while achieving operational excellence.

Get the full story on how the company achieved strong consistent compliance

Read the full case study now for details on how the E&P company achieved strong compliance across its field operations, gained visibility into compliance across assets and improved data accuracy and reporting. All by using EZ Ops compliance software. Get the full Case Study.

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