Adopting logistics AI to avoid asset shutdowns this winter

Adopting logistics AI to avoid asset shutdowns this winter®

In the oil and gas industry, managing tank levels and optimizing trucking logistics are not just operational tasks—they’re critical challenges that can significantly impact efficiency and costs, especially during winter months. Inefficient tank management can lead to emergency situations, where tanks run dry, causing operational shutdowns and financial losses. 

Traditional logistics approaches often result in suboptimal routing and scheduling, leading to increased costs and environmental impact due to unnecessary travel time.

To tackle this, at EZ Ops we developed an AI solution that addresses these challenges head-on empowering operators with the right tools to prevent shortages, manage resources more effectively, and ensure continuous, cost-efficient operations. Here’s how it works:

Trucking Optimization for Production and Consumption Tanks

This feature uses manually captured or SCADA tank level readings from EZ Ops locations. It integrates data such as commodity prices and the locations of chemical providers to optimize trucking routes and schedules.

Tuck optimization with AI

The goal is to ensure that tanks are either emptied or filled just in time, preventing any operational disruptions.

Tuck optimization with AI

Maintenance Optimization for Contractor Work:

This module is designed to streamline contractor management, encompassing both routine and unexpected maintenance work. It utilizes data like preventative maintenance schedules and task details from EZ Ops, enhancing operational efficiency.

Tuck optimization with AI

Key Features for Seamless Management:

EZ Ops offers a user-friendly logistics management interface, simplifying the review and organization of work packages. The solution also boasts streamlined integration with our truck ticketing system Payload for further contractor management, from job completion to payment.

Payload Map

The Optimized package deployment ensures effective management of truck drivers and contractors, balancing travel efficiency with task urgency.

Immediate Benefits of using the right AI tools

EZ Ops AI-driven approach closely approximates optimal logistics, potentially saving producers on average costs, such as reduced travel and more efficient fuel use.

Strategic Direction and Financial Gain:

The app delivers data-driven strategies for tangible financial benefits. By reducing travel requirements and optimizing work packages, operational costs are significantly lowered.

Time-Saving and Operational Excellence:

It streamlines logistics managers’ workflows, saving time and resources, and achieves operational excellence through effective data leverage.

Simplify Logistics monitoring with EZ Ops AI 

The introduction of EZ Ops’ AI-driven Logistics Management Optimization is a game-changer in the oil field logistics arena. It’s not just about managing logistics; it’s about transforming them into a strategic asset that drives efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures uninterrupted operations, even in the challenging winter months. With EZ Ops, empty tank shutdowns are a worry of the past, paving the way for a more efficient and reliable future in oil field operations. Book a discovery call with our team, we want to know your operational needs.