Buy vs. build software – which will deliver the most value to oil and gas producers?

Buy vs. build software – which will deliver the most value to oil and gas producers?®

This dilemma is becoming more common in the oil and gas industry as digital technologies are evolving to increase operational efficiencies. While many are recognizing the value of going digital in the oilfield, many have tried and failed to develop it in-house. 

Why does in-house software development fail? 

  • Software development needs a diverse set of skills and expertise which can’t always be found in-house. 
  • Projects tend to be one-offs that don’t integrate with other systems.  
  • It’s typically built within a silo and focuses on how the company operates today, without consulting industry best practices or learnings. 

There’s many things to consider before deciding whether to build software or buy it. But the reality is software development takes a lot of time, resources and expertise. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Oil and gas producers need the expertise of external, specialized software developers. But they must truly understand the end-user needs. If your team won’t use the software – it’s essentially useless.

EZ Ops oil and gas software: Built by operators for operators

At EZ Ops, we actually built our own software for field operations management for use at Reliance Production Optimization. We looked for a solution to buy, but what we needed didn’t exist. Building the software wasn’t easy, but it needed to be built from the field up. 

EZ Ops software for oil and gas field operations management

Once it was saving us hours a day and we were achieving more production, along with certainty of ESG compliance and issue prevention – we decided to refine it to sell to others.

Now our software is in use by many of western Canada’s most efficient producers and it has saved our customers $48-million in time and operating costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 4,880 tonnes.

We’ve faced the buy or build dilemma head on for software for field operations management, and EZ Ops delivers the best of both worlds.

Through collaboration and learning from multiple producers, our software is better than what any one solution a producer could build in-house. 

Our software is easy-to-use, built from the field up, ingrains industry best practices, is completely customizable and has a track record of 100% adoption in the field. 

If you’re looking for a way to operate by exception in the field, learn more about the software built by actual operators.

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Brandon Ambrose CEO and co-founder of EZ Ops

About Brandon Ambrose, Founder & CEO of EZ Ops

Brandon has been in oil field operations for over 15 years and is a serial entrepreneur. He is dedicated to finding efficiency in complex oil and gas operations, which translates into tens of millions of dollars in savings for clients, and certainty of hitting ESG goals.