Watch: 30-Min Webinar on Building Team Capacity to reduce OPEX and lower ESG risk – without new hires

Watch: 30-Min Webinar on Building Team Capacity to reduce OPEX and lower ESG risk – without new hires®

Building operations team capacity in oil and gas without new hires

How can oil and gas producers hit their 2022 goals, without new hires?

Operations teams are caught in the cross hairs of efficient production demands, intensifying compliance requirements and a looming labour shortage.

See how leading North American producers use operations technology to reduce their OPEX, lower ESG risk and optimize production – without new hires.

Watch the webinar recording to learn: 

  • Operations issues today and actual costs
  • How technology can equip operations teams to perform
  • Potential gains to be made – OPEX reduction, ESG performance, workforce safety – without new hires
  • Roadmap to level-up operations performance

Presenters: Adam Cann, Co-Founder of EZ Ops has worked in oil field operations for over 15 years. He co-founded EZ Ops to take the software the team had developed for their own efficient field management and offer it to other producers. Adam is joined by Mike Exner, VP of Sales and champion of solving customer needs.

Hit your operations targets this year – without new hires

We’ve crunched the numbers and found that working from spreadsheets, or simple field data, the average mid-level operator could be delivering up to 70% more value if we saved them from duplicate data entry, unclear task priorities, unnecessary return trips to the field to name a few. 

With individual operators in control of millions of dollars in assets and costs – it’s worth considering how equipping them with data-driven guidance can help them reduce OPEX by 15% or more, and with less ESG risk. 

EZ Ops technology has a solid track record of saving operations team time on production and maintenance activities as well as compliance management. Let us show you how.

We’re already working with 10% of Canadian producers, and have achieved 100% adoption with field teams. It just takes 5 weeks to see results in reduced downtime, lower OPEX and certain ESG. 

We’d welcome learning about your goals. Pick a good time to talk with Mike Exner on our sales team.