EZ Ops announces API integration on its path to become the oil and gas industry’s open platform for operations intelligence

EZ Ops announces API integration on its path to become the oil and gas industry’s open platform for operations intelligence®

EZ Ops announces API integration on its path to become the oil and gas industry’s open platform for operations intelligence

Edmonton, AB – February 24, 2022 –  EZ Ops, the provider of oil and gas operations software with 100 per cent adoption, today announced the release of its new API and open data integration approach.

Where some oil and gas platform providers demand that producers need to migrate from other solutions to get data visibility for the best decisions, EZ Ops has embraced an open philosophy and is actively pursuing integration partners to best serve its customers.

“All platforms come to a decision point where they must decide to be closed or open. In order to provide industry-leading operations intelligence we’ve made the strategic decisions to integrate with all best-in-class peer technologies,” explained Brandon Ambrose, EZ Ops CEO and Founder. “We wish to provide producers with the easiest-to-implement platform to guide field operations teams on the highest value activity every day, and give head office true visibility into field performance and reporting.”

EZ Ops is 100% integration ready, with a data team and flexible API to connect in data that enhances decision making. 

“EZ Ops empowers producers to make better, more informed operations decisions by drawing as much intelligence as we can from multiple data systems – not just our own,” added Nic Lefebvre, EZ Ops Chief Product Officer and Co-founder. “We respect that producers are looking to go digital, and do so quickly, and we want to reduce adoption friction, and quickly provide the most value.” 

Value of field operations data integration

By securely connecting third-party data sources and existing systems to EZ Ops operations intelligence platform, the company is able to provide North American oil and gas producers with:

  • A comprehensive view of field operations activity and performance with data visible between head office and field teams.
  • Reduced data entry burden for field operations teams so they can spend more time on operations activity including improving production and compliance performance. 
  • Improved reporting speed and accuracy – for compliance, accounting and the total operations performance picture.
  • A no threat environment with technology peers as EZ Ops seeks to expand rapidly.

For customers of EZ Ops, the API integration allows producers to invite cloud-based software partners such as providers of production accounting software, emissions tracking and asset management software to work with EZ Ops to bring data together. The result is less data handling effort by field operations teams and operations leaders, and companies retain data ownership and certainty of data security.

For technology peers, EZ Ops invites peers to get in touch to evaluate opportunities to most rapidly serve shared customers.

About EZ Ops 

EZ Ops equips oil and gas operators to focus on the top priorities for action to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world. Our operations intelligence platform provides the complete capabilities needed to operate by exception behind one login. EZ Ops is the #1 choice of operations teams, built by operators for operators earning us a 100% adoption rate. Our technology is the industry’s most advanced cloud-based operations platform, drawing on machine learning and AI, to guide upstream oil and gas producers in reducing OPEX and emissions to become leaders in the modern energy industry. To date, we’ve saved our customers $51-million in time and operating costs, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4,880 tonnes. Learn more at www.ezops.ca.