Operators use oil and gas asset management software to boost production

Operators use oil and gas asset management software to boost production®

How asset management software can help lean teams avoid downtime, machine breakdowns and significant costs

oil and gas asset management software can help operations teams drive efficiency and improve production

Oil and gas producers are facing more and more pressure to keep production levels up and not enough people to do it. 

The push for efficiency is leading operations teams to examine how technology can drive higher performance from assets and increase production – without hiring more people.

Status quo asset management comes with hefty risks

The average frontline operator in North America is in control of $8 million in oil and gas assets. You rely on frontline operators to manage significant assets like wells, pipelines, tanks, and other equipment to keep production on track and reduce any downtime risk.

Without proper maintenance and inspections baked into operations every day, equipment goes down or won’t work at full capacity. It’s easy to end up in a reactive state, spending unbudgeted time and money on fixes. And with maintenance lagging, there is a higher risk of downtime, failures, or leaks. 

oil and gas operator inspecting assets

Then add a lack of workers and inexperienced operators to the mix. Many producers are simply finding it difficult to stay on top of the day-to-day activities required to operate safely and effectively. And human error can be costly.

40% of unscheduled plant shutdowns involve human error.  ARC Advisory Group

How can field operations teams better manage assets across multiple locations and remote areas? Technology is essential.

Get higher performance from your assets with oil and gas asset management software

Oil and gas asset management software can significantly impact the productivity and efficiency of your company’s assets and decrease the risks of human error, equipment failure, environmental infractions and leaks.

Asset maintenance decisions like proactively scheduling inspections and repairs can and should be automated. Automating the scheduling of pigging, inspections and maintenance activities can help oil and gas teams control costs and prevent leaks. 

With asset management software, you can track various types of assets across multiple locations and ensure the productivity of your assets through proactive maintenance and repairs.

Why lean operations teams choose EZ Ops asset management software

Operations teams choose EZ Ops to plan and manage maintenance, inspections, compliance activity and pigging from one scheduling and reporting tool. And it’s specifically designed to integrate with other systems and software tools that your operations teams use every day.

EZ Ops manages all field operations tasks including asset management with:

  • Centralized scheduling in one platform – all operations team members and third parties see what’s underway for the day.
  • Proactive maintenance – tasks are prioritized based on predictive models using historical data to yield the highest asset performance and compliance.
  • Accessing inspection data – operations and management gain access to real-time inspection data for streamlined auditing and compliance reporting
  • Tracking activity for accountability – Teams gain visibility into critical operations and can be more accountable to goals.

Reduce downtime during cold snaps with automated battery alerts 

Take for example battery failure. When there’s a cold snap and the days are very short, it’s a real mess in the field. It can be easy to miss low voltage issues with so many other freezing problems.

With EZ Ops, get AI-driven automated battery alerts so operators get notified in advance when EZ Ops predicts they need a manual recharge or a switch out.

chemical tank readings fluid levels chemical management

“The EZ Ops system has allowed us to streamline operations including preventative maintenance and reduced our time to track down and organize services. One entry in EZ Ops and all of our schedules are calculated and prioritized for us.”  – VP of Production

Yield the highest asset performance, without adding new hires

Need to increase production without new hires? 

We work with 10% of Canadian producers to help ramp up production, reduce downtime, prevent leaks, and automate asset maintenance. Learn how EZ Ops can help optimize your assets by scheduling a demo.

About Patrick Herren, Director of Customer Experience

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Pat’s been operating oil and gas assets for the past decade and knows firsthand the demands of the job working in the oil patch as a former production operator.

Pat leads our on-boarding and training team, providing responsive helpful service that has earned EZ Ops a 100% adoption track record in the field.