How to build a culture of compliance in your field operations team

How to build a culture of compliance in your field operations team®

Field teams have a key role to play in oil and gas carbon emissions and ESG compliance.

To minimize risks, you need a culture of compliance that extends to your field operations team. Equipping your frontline to efficiently and consistently manage compliance can save you downtime, fines, reputation damage and ultimately catastrophic damage to the environment.

Field operations teams can spend a lot of time on compliance activities, making it tricky to balance other daily priorities. Is compliance management really working when it takes so long to monitor, document and schedule activities – especially if teams are still getting flack for data errors at reporting time? And if data errors are occurring, what’s the risk that actual issues are getting overlooked or delayed in resolution?

In light of all this, oil and gas producers must ask themselves an important question:

Is it possible for field teams to proactively manage compliance without spending days on these activities? Can they get it right, faster?

This article gives you a step-by-step approach to building a compliance culture, especially if you’re a junior or intermediate company.

Getting started with oil and gas software for compliance

Oil and gas companies are under increasing regulatory pressure as governments worldwide seek to reduce emissions generated by refineries, drilling locations, platforms, and processing plants. 

As compliance requirements increase, production levels and profitability are squeezed for oil & gas companies. To address these issues, operations and management teams are seeking more efficient ways to manage strong, proactive compliance.

Oil and gas software for compliance management can automate scheduled compliance activities and inspections, save monitoring time for field teams, ensure accurate timely reporting and support rapidly resolving any compliance issues that may arise.

How does it work? Using oil and gas software to build a compliance culture.

It takes as little as five weeks to implement oil and gas compliance software. With EZ Ops, we get to work as soon as we have a firm grasp on your compliance goals, priority activities, and day-to-day needs of your field teams and operations managers. 

The first step in implementation is to customize your company’s compliance data configuration, utilizing EZ Ops to suit your workflows. We then automate and streamline the compliance items that have the most value for the field, delivering time savings to reduce resistance to compliance activity. In parallel, we ensure data and accurate reporting are pushing seamlessly to head office. Over time, the company then brings on more operations teams to standardized compliance management across locations.

How does technology for operations teams make strong, consistent compliance possible?

  1. Operations teams spend less time monitoring compliance

Field operations teams can now easily track critical compliance information, and tracking takes less time. This allows them to focus on managing production more effectively.

  1. Compliance data collection becomes standardized and accurate 

The field teams will now be consistently submitting accurate data from across your operations using scheduling alerts to ensure tasks are not overlooked in a day, with clear guidelines on what data to track. 

  1. Head office receives compliance reporting that is more reliable and more timely 

Managers of compliance and operations no longer have to contend with missing data at the end of the month or compile data from multiple fields. With monthly compliance reports pulled automatically, their jobs are simplified, and they are more confident in the accuracy of the reports.

  1. Risk management can be proactively managed with centralized compliance data

Lead operators have 24/7 access to overview data to prevent compliance issues or downtime as your company continues to grow and acquire assets.

Establish strong, consistent compliance across field teams with EZ Ops.

Implementing compliance management software for oil and gas is the first step towards building a culture of compliance within your organization. 

A 15% reduction in compliance tracking effort is common among companies that adopt EZ Ops. Other common wins are less drive time – often at least 20% less with fewer return trips for monitoring or resolving issues, and full confidence in the accuracy of compliance data and regulatory reporting.

Learn how EZ Ops enables management, HSE, and operations to easily manage compliance at the office and in the field with just one system. Schedule your personalized demo today.

Because EZ Ops was developed by operators with experience who truly understand all the tasks field teams handle, we’ve been able to earn 100% adoption in the field.