Webinar: Operational Excellence through to the oil and gas frontline

Webinar: Operational Excellence through to the oil and gas frontline®

What can operations teams do to improve company performance?

A looming labour shortage, efficient production demands, and intensifying compliance requirements are putting operations teams in a bind. More data, more to do, and fewer people to do it. 

EZ Ops recently published a white paper explaining why this is a pivotal time for oil and gas operations. Bottom line, oil and gas operators are struggling to keep OPEX low with overloaded workers making errors that risk production, safety and compliance. 

Webinar: Building Operations Team Capacity

In our upcoming webinar, we offer guidance on how to improve operations performance. We’ll cover how to identify operational gaps and how to achieve aligned goals and activity from head office to the field frontline.

One-hour webinar will cover: 

  • The issues operators face today
  • How technology can align goals and activity for operations managers, frontline workers and head office 
  • Rewards of operations performance: lower OPEX, achievement of production and ESG goals 
  • Roadmap to operational excellence for producers 

Find out how North American producers can outperform peers by levelling up operational excellence.

“With EZ Ops we pulled all the fragmented systems and data into one place, now operators use this information to make decisions that have reduced our OPEX 18% and cut road time 80%.”  – VP Production