5 most read blogs of 2021

5 most read blogs of 2021®

What did oil and gas operators care most about last year? Find out by taking a look at which blog’s made up the lion’s share of reads in 2021. 

Turns out the top questions on oil and gas companies’ minds were about how to overcome operations inefficiencies, how to make sense of the dataload, how to get on top of compliance and workforce challenges, and what role technology can play in equipping operations teams to best perform. 

Digital oilfield transformation – are we there yet?

digital oilfield transformation are we there yet and what's holding oil and gas industry back

While oil and gas companies realize the potential of the digital oilfield, the industry has fallen behind. What’s holding it back, what will propel change and what steps can companies take right now to equip operations teams to better perform? Read the blog.

Watch the 30-min webinar to learn how to build capacity in operations teams.

Case Study: Gas producer reduces OPEX 18% with EZ Ops

EZ Ops case study natural gas producer reduces opex by 18 percent

How did a leading natural gas producer reduce their OPEX by 18% while also reducing emissions and drive time? See how EZ Ops field management software was able to deliver significant impacts in just 12 months in our case study. Read the blog.

4 ways software equips field teams to start operating by exception

how to use oil and gas production software to operate by exception in the field

Operating by exception helps field operations teams focus on top priorities for production and compliance. Learn the 4 ways EZ Ops oil and gas software helps operators operate by exception. Read the blog.

What will the oilfield worker of the future look like?

Oil and gas producers are in a race for efficiency. Streamlining operations and compliance in the field is key. Brandon Ambrose founded EZ Ops after his own frustrations as an operator. Hear his perspective on the role field teams play in company performance and the digital shift. Watch the recording of Brandon’s conversation with Geoffrey Cann.

$1M for oil & gas software prioritization engine

EZ Ops attracts $1 million for development of its augmented intelligence platform for upstream oil and gas

EZ Ops has secured more than $1 million in investment from Alberta Innovates Clean Resources program to realize its vision of an augmented intelligence platform for the upstream oil and gas industry. See the announcement.

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