EZ Ops wraps 2021 with highlights and high fives to our amazing community

EZ Ops wraps 2021 with highlights and high fives to our amazing community®

We’re wrapping up another unforgettable year. It was great to see an uptick in industry activity in 2021. Thanks to all of you who used EZ Ops technology to make smart operations decisions to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world this year. From the field frontline through to head office, we value our users trust and will be an unmatched ally in 2022 and beyond!

So what did we pull off this year?

Grew our team (big time!) and attracted world-class advisors

“This has been an incredible year of learning, growing and solving some very fun problems with our world-class team. Our product team has nearly quadrupled (sorry Nic stealing your thunder!) including the addition of seasoned CPO advisor Kevin Broom. Our customer experience team has quadrupled including Author and CXO advisor Adrian Brady-Cesana. Our sales team has been learning from the best at GrowthX, and I have been learning how to lead a highly impactful organization with advisor Rick Gagner. Thanks to all of the extraordinary people who have joined EZ Ops in 2021, as well as to our core dream team, for helping us breakthrough with our vision. ”

-Brandon Ambrose, CEO and Co-Founder

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Onboarded the most new users, ever, in one year

“In addition to welcoming new customers in 2021, a big focus of the year was helping existing customers onboard more operations teams in new areas. In the last eight weeks alone we’ve rolled out EZ Ops to an extra 600 well sites. We’re thrilled to serve a growing user community and have expanded our team and support systems to keep response time fast. We have a smart crew learning at the speed of light.”

-Pat Herren, Director of Customer Success

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Grew our customer count by 50%

“In an industry as vast as oil and gas, it is humbling to be a part of the innovation at EZ Ops. I am thankful for the support and ongoing learning within the EZ Ops team as well as from our valuable customers.”

-Mike Exner, Sales Executive

Quadrupled our product team

“Two things stand out about 2021 – the deep industry insight we continue to get from customers and that we quadrupled our product team. Our customers have been amazing in collaborating with us on direction for our operations intelligence platform. And our growing product team has shown off-the-charts willingness to ask questions and challenge conventional thinking, so that we may rapidly build software that delivers unimagined productivity and meaningful work to operations teams.”

-Nic Lefebvre, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

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Identified that aligned goals are key to operations performance

“This year EZ Ops delved into Data Science to generate data-driven Business Intelligence to best serve our clients and users. Through our research, we identified that clear goal alignment, from operations executives, through to ops managers and to the field frontline, is a key parameter to improve operations team performance. We expanded the PowerBI reports EZ Ops provides to discern the highest value priorities in an operator’s day to optimize field operations. Looking forward to continuing these strides in the upcoming year!”

-Ruchita Rozario, Data Scientist

Make 2022 a standout year

Happy holiday to all of you who use EZ Ops, work with us, advise us, invest in us and champion our vision. We could not grow like we are without you!

And if you’ve been on the sidelines, curious about what we’ll actually pull off, cross off a New Year’s resolution early and talk to us about how we can level-up your operations performance. Come on! Who doesn’t want lower OPEX, a more loyal operator workforce and lower carbon emissions for Christmas? 

Our best to all of you – see you in 2022.