3 reasons why Canada’s leading producers use software for compliance

3 reasons why Canada’s leading producers use software for compliance®

Whether you’re dealing with thousands of inspections per month or managing less than 100 wells or facilities, Canada’s oil and gas producers are realizing their compliance tracking and reporting is time consuming or can be inaccurate.

Are you seeing any of these signs of ineffective compliance management?

  • Compliance tracking in the field is taking hours a day. Inspection data is captured twice by operators, first in paper form and then transferred into another program like Excel. When it takes field teams too long to record and input compliance audit data, it takes them away from what they really should be doing: fixing the problem.
  • Failed compliance events continue to fall off the radar or take too long to resolve. With no effective way for field teams to communicate fast on compliance activities, corrective actions are difficult to track and manage.
  • It’s taking several days to gather compliance reports. Reporting is done manually and data needs to be aggregated from multiple systems.
  • Management has a lack of visibility on compliance performance. With no centralized access to compliance data and reports, tracking trends for key regulations like Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) are not visible to head office.

What is ineffective compliance management costing producers?

The risks of non-compliance are steep including hefty fines, public scrutiny, and worst case, seizure of operations. But the current haphazard approach to compliance is also impacting the bottom line. 

Foreman are spending an estimated 30% of their time to manage corrective actions from failed compliance events that fell off radar. At report time, it takes an average 4 days per month to aggregate all the data from multiple systems. 

Producers are spending a disproportionate amount of time on ineffective compliance management. This time could be better spent on activities that improve production and ultimately drive real impact.

Perhaps the additional time spent on compliance management would be worth it if it led to confidence in resolving compliance issues. But failed compliance events continue to fall off the radar. The current system is broken. But a practical solution exists.

3 reasons why leading producers use EZ Ops software for compliance

EZ Ops compliance management software is an easy-to-use system that consolidates compliance data and reporting in one place. With real-time data tracking, rapid reporting and centralized data access, compliance activities are accessible and visible from field teams all the way up to management. Field operation teams regain significant hours with auto-scheduling and auto-tracking of compliance activities.

With EZ Ops, leading producers are seeing 3 major benefits:

1. Reduce foreman hours on compliance management by 15-25% 

With field operations of 80-100 wells and a major facility, foreman were taking up to 30% of their time on compliance activities. With EZ Ops compliance management software, this producer reduced this effort to just 3-5%. 

Another leading producer with 43 facilities and hundreds of schedules for over 250 pieces of equipment found their foreman were spending 20% of their time on compliance. With EZ Ops, compliance management time was reduced to 5% foreman’s time.

2. Cut compliance reporting from 4 days to 4 hour per month

With operations of several major fields and facilities, one leading oil and gas producer was conducting 1,600 inspections every 2 months with 18 different types of inspections. With EZ Ops, compliance reporting now takes less than 4 hours per month.

3. Fix compliance issues 20% faster per event

With operations of 450+ wells and roughly 1,000 inspections per month, a leading producer needed to find a simple way for operators to track compliance data. With EZ Ops, corrective action response time was reduced to 20% per event.

See what you can gain with EZ Ops compliance monitoring software

how did an already efficient natural gas producer cost operations costs in the field

See how one mid-size E&P company used EZ Ops to improve compliance performance and the impacts. Get the case study.

Ready to learn why Canada’s leading producers choose EZ Ops to manage compliance? Take the first step and book a demo with our team. It just takes a few days to get going with us and we train your teams. Built by operators for operators, EZ Ops is easy-to-use with great service – earning us 100% adoption in the field.