How operators can simplify production monitoring (and keep head office off your back) with oilfield production software

How operators can simplify production monitoring (and keep head office off your back) with oilfield production software®

It’s the start of your shift as a field operator and within minutes of arriving at the office – you’re already overwhelmed by the amount of data to absorb: production trends, weather conditions, chemical rates, and pumping and maintenance costs.  But it’s almost month-end and one thing you can’t afford to do is to mess up the production data you report.

oilfield production data can help operations team ensure production data capture is accurate

Why does month-end production data matter so much?

While you may think there are dozens of more important things to do in your day than get accurate production data, that data really matters to head office. 

Head office needs accurate data on volume going in and out to get paid, most rapidly without data rework. 

Operations teams are responsible for gathering raw production data and ensuring its accuracy. As the first person onsite, it starts with you. Production accountants will chew you out if you give them incorrect data or fail to spot a volume variance. 

Why? Because month-end is when raw production data and SCADA readings are entered into a production accounting system like Prodman. Production accountants need the final right number to report for payment, including calculating what sales volumes are allocated to each well owner and ensuring an accurate audit trail.

What happens if you give production accountants an inaccurate number? They need to redo all their month-end paperwork. And we’re talking days of rework. No wonder they’ll call you up and chew you out.

So how can you ensure you’re getting accurate production data, while you’re tasked with hundreds of other responsibilities in the field? With help from oilfield production software.

Keep production monitoring simple and accurate with oilfield production software 

Oil and gas operations teams use oilfield production software to automate the monitoring of field production, chemical tanks and pumps.

And while there are many reasons operations teams use EZ Ops oil and gas production software – such as automating field operations scheduling and saving hours in drive time each day – it will also keep head office off your back. Especially the not-so-nice phone calls from production accounting. 

Here’s how EZ Ops assists field operators:

  • Ensure production is on target: Track volumes at the field and plant to detect gas meter issues. Enter the data accurately while onsite, instead of back at the office.
  • Eliminate dual data entry: automate the export of data into the production accounting system 
  • Detect production abnormalities automatically: Algorithms in EZ Ops oilfield production software detect anomalies in production data for you – and save you the time and hassle of monitoring production issues manually. Operators are alerted to abnormal readings in red. Yellow readings indicate previously abnormal readings that have now returned to normal levels. 

Head office also reaps rewards for field operators’ efforts: 

  • Production accountants can easily pull production data reports directly from EZ Ops
  • Get real-time visibility into production trends over time

Simplify production monitoring in the field with EZ Ops 

Field operators are the first line of defence in ensuring accurate data is going to production accounting. Make it simple with EZ Ops. 

We developed EZ Ops oilfield production software to equip operations teams to generate the most production in their workday with the least stress, drive time, and certainty of compliance. Because we are former oilfield operators ourselves, our team knows how an operator’s day should work. 

Reach out to our team to see how EZ Ops can help you make production monitoring simple and accurate.

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About Patrick Herren, Director of Customer Experience

Pat’s been operating oil and gas assets for the past decade and knows firsthand the demands of the job working in the oil patch as a former production operator.

Pat leads our on-boarding and training team, providing responsive helpful service that has earned EZ Ops a 100% adoption track record in the field.