Get operations teams
performing at their best
with easy-to-use oilfield software

EZ Ops provides all of the capabilities needed for
field operators to operate by exception behind one login.

Operating by exception
just got simple with EZ Ops

How do operators decide what really needs to get done with so much information to sort and so many systems to log into?

Equip operations teams see the top priorities to action each day.

EZ Ops is software for field operations management with AI driven intelligence that shows operators the top priority activities to action that yield the most production and safeguards compliance.

Ready to see how much you can save in operations costs and emissions with EZ Ops oil field management software?

Core capabilities of EZ Ops
oilfield management software

You can start small with a few EZ Ops modules or adopt the full platform to gain maximum efficiency.


Field Datalog & Priority Management

  • See ranked operations priorities for the day including unscheduled, and one-off work orders.
  • Gain clear communication across teams to coordinate timely activity and see updates.
  • Data entry matches your current processes, no duplication.
data log screenshot

Field Scheduling & Maintenance

  • Plan and manage maintenance, inspections, compliance activity, and pigging from one scheduling and reporting tool.
  • Reduce downtime, prevent issues, and coordinate activity efficiently with third party inspectors.

Production Management

  • Track production and consumption, and communicate the needs of the field for fluids management.
  • Track and review field level production and calculate production volumes for accounting purposes.

Compliance Management | Emissions and Safety

  • Streamline tracking and assignment of compliance management activities in the field.
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting of incidents, giving head office visibility on progress and supporting timely resolution.

It’s time to harness the power
of oil and gas 4.0

Tap into the high-impact cost savings of digitizing your field operations.

Drawing on machine learning, automation and AI, EZ Ops technology equips your operators to work smarter, rather than harder.

EZ Ops is next gen oil and gas operations