Oil Prices Slipping and the Supply is Stretched Thin

Oil prices fell sharply last week as distribution problems arose and low-producing countries began to increase their production, driving down international prices. Russia, Libya, and other oil producers increased their oil production and exports driving down U.S light crude $1.60, and Brent crude $2.24. While the anticipated drop in Iranian oil exports coupled by U.S. […]

Buy it now Build it

The Canadian government has affirmed that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is to be bought, in part, by both the provincial government of Alberta and the federal government. The decision has met its own share of criticism from opposing parties in Canada. Amongst the most vocal, The United Conservative Party of Alberta has said that […]

Alberta Launches Bill C-12

The story plaguing national, provincial, and local headlines continues to be the continuing struggles for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. An everlasting back-and-forth battle between Alberta, and British Columbia with Ottawa caught in the middle.The latest iteration was the announcement of Bill C-12 by the Alberta government to effectively restrict the flow of […]

Natural Gas Facility Squeaks By

The recent weeks have instilled a concern amongst many Canadians regarding both the competitiveness of the economy, and the growing consensus regarding the exodus of industries out of Canada. However, today marked a turning point to many Canadians as LNG Canada committed to constructing a new facility in British Columbia. The head of LNG Canada, […]