The Weekly Drip: Oil & Gas

The Weekly Drip In this week’s Drip we cover the most pressing and hard-hitting factors affect both the energy-industry and individual Albertans. Gas prices have been surging recently and now Albertans are paying some of the highest gas prices since the 2008 global financial crisis. Cenovus CEO & President, Alex Pourbaix, says that Canadian railways […]

The Weekly Drip: Pipelines and Politics

The Weekly Drip This week’s drip is filled with all the new action from government’s battle over Kinder Morgan, and how an unrelated Supreme Court decision may sway the case. Negotiations between Premier Notley, Premier Horgan, and Prime Minister Trudeau continue. However, there are different reports coming from either side. Furthermore, the oil and natural […]

Communicating in the Field

Communicating in the Field One of the toughest challenges operators, foreman, or any oil and natural gas labourers face is effectively communicating with each other. It is no slight on the social skills of these labourers, but a reflection of the harshness and remote regions where operators work. Rolling hills, mountain-tops, and valley-lows. All of […]

The Weekly Drip: Government and Pipelines

The Weekly Drip In what continues to be a political and legal nightmare the TransMountain pipeline expansion project has hit a critical juncture. Unless the company can receive some assurances from the government they will pull out of the project completely. The federal finance minister, Bill Morneau, has said that whatever negotiation talks happen with […]

Trans Mountain Expansion Cuts Cash-flow

Kinder Morgan’s CEO & President, Stephen Kean, has announced over the weekend that they will officially be suspending all non-essential spending on the Trans-Mountain expansion project. The project has become an utter economic, and constitutional disaster in Canada. The project was meant to eliminate land locked resources in Alberta by providing a safe way to […]

The Weekly Drip: Competition Canada

The Weekly Drip The Weekly Drip this week is a broader scale look at what is happening in the Oil & Gas industry. Big speakership has taken place over the course of the week leaving many people wondering what’s next for Canada? While the current status of Alberta’s oil and gas sector is grim there […]

The Weekly Drip: Weekly Recap

The Weekly Drip This Weekly Drip report features some scandalous stories about politicians in your very own backyard. Inspirational or down-right ridiculous? You be the judge, but all the information is right here for you. Latest BC Appeal to TransMountain Rejected by Federal Court In continued attempts to block Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain pipeline extension through […]