Key Features

EZOPS is Modernizing the Oil & Gas Industry, One Operator at a Time

Operator Friendly
Operators were responsible for field-testing and design inputs to achieve something that is simple to use but houses a wealth of information.
Secured Data
Hosting the application on our own servers to protect precious client data, and assurance that EZOPS does not repurpose the data for any means besides that of the client.
Pigging Schedules
Optimized pigging schedules and pig-tracking to avoid wasting time receiving and sending unecessary pigs. Track every pig down every line with all the relevant information at your fingertips.
Everything is built to adhere to regulatory standards and ensures users do not have to take any extra steps to ensure compliance tracking.
Location Based
Location based organization, everything being tracked or related to a location within EZOPS can be found under the individual location's dashboard.
EZOPS is a great tool for getting new operators comfortable and knowledgeable faster. Spend less time and money training new operators.
Preventative Maintenance
Using our preventative maintenance scheduling EZOPS can schedule and will deliver alerts on upcoming maintenance tasks using our colour-coded alert system.
The perfect tool for cross-overs! Generate weekly reports that encapsulate production, tasking, calibrations, chemical consumption, and notices that have been documented over the period. Reduce time on cross-overs by putting all the information in front of incoming operators.
Conduct inspections that are in compliance with regulatory standards and take mere seconds. Ability to track, and schedule, upcoming inspections with alerts to avoid paying unnecessary fines.
Web-hosting allows EZOPS users to sign into their accounts from anywhere and see all the latest trends and information through EZOPS.
Communicate large amounts of data and between operators in the field through our intelligent platform.
Track and organize trucking tickets to make the most of contractor time in the field.
Tailored Fit
EZOPS custom tailors the design of the application to optimize our clients workflow, in the field. We don't want users wasting time trying to navigate a bulky program so we design a true streamlined application to you.
Data Logging
Customizable daily logs in plants or in the field with built-in calculations to cut down extra time and stress entering the correct data in the field.
Notifications & Alerts
Built into the scheduling system every input entered into EZOPS will be tracked on a chosen time scale, and alert users to the upcoming date and urgency. Users are required to see and sign-off on notifications or tasks they receive to ensure accountability.
Unlimited Users
Sign-up as many users as you like! No restrictions on number of registered users to the application.
Users have to sign off on all associated tasks or work done in the plant or field. Total accountability to ensure the work that is done.
Assign and delegate tasks to operation teams in an instant! Users sign off on completed tasks and can be viewed in the weekly reporting feature

Online & Offline Compatability

EZOPS was built to operate both online and offline. Operators and frontline workers only need to synchronize their devices when they have service and all of the most up-to-date data, from production information to updated tasking and site based notices, are uploaded onto their device so they can make meaningful decisions in the field.

The Oilfield at your Fingertips

Operators and frontline workers today have the added pressure of navigating multiple software applications for each facet that encapsulate oilfield operations. We at EZOPS, identified this unnecessary problem and created a unified platform  that ties into the all various facets of oil and natural gas operating. A platform where operators can conduct inspections, ticketing, data logging, pipeline pigging, reporting, personal safety vessels, calibrations, and much more.

Investing in Our Clients

Take a free trial of EZOPS to see how our application can streamline your current operation, and save you more money. EZOPS was designed at every turn to save its users money as the oil and gas industry continues to grow.